Upgrading our human software

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   Software updates don’t seem to get upgraded, updated and virus protected, and pop up blockers kept current, in the program called ‘being a human’. Sounds a little mechanical, but its a perfect metaphor for the state of affairs today. We all got some of what we didn’t want growing up, and didn’t get some of what we did want, no matter what our family was like. Furthermore, no family had access to the level of understanding of human behavior available to us today.
    So why don’t we update our knowledge base of ‘what it is to be human and in relationship with other humans’? One reason is, we think it’s all instinctual, but that’s simply not so.  Instincts include: the urges to eat, sleep, reproduce, feed our young, run from anything that wants to eat us, a fear of insects and cliffs, and oh yeah, fire.  All else is primarily learned from modeling and life experiences, and no one could anticipate the complexity, challenges and richness of this millennium. The good news is, that in some useful ways we are like computers, for example, we can add knowledge to help us think, and make us more competent and capable, not  only of surviving, but also of thriving in today’s world.

Of course this kind of learning requires being able to access those files in our old ‘reptilian’ brain, so we can create new and better programs, and overwrite the old ones. That’s where the relationship with a Life Coach or Counselor comes in; they ‘down-loaded’ all that information from real world experiences, not just from taking a class, so it’s important to develop an ongoing relationship with a trusted counselor to truly integrate this crucial understanding into your own life.


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Judi October 3, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Either that or we could just keep feeding the lizard brain a grape every once in a while to shut it up. Nice post.

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