About Callahan

Callahan is an Licensed Clinical Social Worker, A Life Coach, and an artist.   As a serial entrepreneur who has implemented and directed several businesses including a psychotherapy and personal coaching practice. Callahan has designed and developed large art projects as well as her own art work which can be viewed at www.RubySlippersStudio.net & www.CallahanMcDonough.com. Finally, she is the proud  mom of a grown son, Zachary, who much to her delight, who also resides in Atlanta.

Callahan combines experiences from psychology, life coaching, art and business which enables her to assist you in formulating a positive structure for building a successful future filled with possibility. She will collaborate with you to build foundations that utilize your strengths and discard negative patterns that inhibit your growth and success.

“In personal coaching I collaborate with men and women to develop turned on lives and gratifying lifelong relationships. We work together to create balance and ease in both business and personal life.”