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Laura Berman Fortgang states in: Living your best Life “It is amazing  how much duality there is  in life. You can argue from either side of any issue and win– if you are arguing with yourself.   All you need to do is choose which side to invest in – the one that works for […]

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Less Judgment + More Curiosity This image is from one of my favorite bumper stickers! Our mind is programmed to ‘judge’ to ‘assess’ without that function we would not have made it through the jungle. However  the mind is still judging as if anything confusing or unfamiliar is not safe, to the mind it senses […]

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This morning I opened my copy of Adrienne Rich’s: On Lies Secrets, and Silence,  I bought this copy in 1984 and it still is powerful today as I read: The possibilities that exist between tow people, or among a group of people, are a kind of alchemy. They are the most interesting thing in life. […]

Are you ready for emotional mastery? Do you long for vibrant, loving relationships? Is your professional life ready for an overhaul? My name is Callahan McDonough. I have been collaborating with men and women for over twenty years to help them create lives they love, including achieving gratifying relationships and reaching their life goals. Our […]