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Laura Berman Fortgang states in: Living your best Life “It is amazing  how much duality there is  in life. You can argue from either side of any issue and win– if you are arguing with yourself.   All you need to do is choose which side to invest in – the one that works for you or against you; the one that shuts you down and keeps you stuck, or the one that releases the wisdom to lead you to a great life.  For many people, its scary to think that we all possess the power to make choices.”

Understanding and beginning to actually ‘steer’ with our mind  is a shocking concept for many people.  We are mostly unaware that the ‘chatter’ in our heads is automatic, like a default setting.  We think we are in control, but mostly we are not paying attention to this constant chatter in our heads. Without being fully aware, and interacting with these thoughts, our mind does the choosing  for us!  Each thought triggers a corresponding feeling and a correlated action, frequently one that is self defeating. This chatter can range from a simple, mindless comment like ‘why did they paint that house that awful color?!’ to ‘ I’m not going to ever get where I want to be’,  or  ‘ I can work this out one step at a time’.  Behind some of these thoughts are old personal worries and painful or embarrassing life experiences. Once we begin to notice that when our energy feels zapped, or we seem stuck in the same old place in life, work, or relationships, we are better able to attend to our ‘mind talk’.

When you work with a professional Counselor, you delve into the beliefs behind the mind talk in a fresh and empowering way. Then you  can truly choose: big mind or little mind.  You will begin to ask more helpful, interesting questions, such as: does this get me closer to where I want to be and to what I want to experience, or does it take me further away?  Start with getting the support you deserve to choose from your strength, awareness and big mind.

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