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how to use the pigment correctly?

Question: Why is it suggested that customers use the original consumables rather than the alternative ones?


1)The use of alternative consumables will influence the lifespan of the machine. For example, it will shorten the lifespan of the nozzle and the filter.

2)The loss of the professional technical service and support of Lead Tech group.

3)The stability of the machine and the quality of print cannot be guaranteed.


Question: The harm of partly use of the alternative consumables (For example, the use of original ink and alternative top-up and solvent)


1)Original ink, solvent and top-up is made according to certain proportion of ingredient. The stability of ink can be maintained only if all original consumables are used.

2)Because non-original consumables and original consumables are mixed in the machine, the quality of print from the nozzle is different from the one of original ink.

Even the environmental protection certificate of ink cannot guarantee that the print on the final product will meet the same requirements. Lead Tech is not responsible for the loss of customers in such situation.



The adhesive force of ink goes worse after the machine has been used for a period of time. How to solve the problem?


1)Check whether the ink is in the quality guarantee period;

2)Check whether the viscosity of ink is close to the one in the previous time. If it is close, check whether the color of ink dots changes. If it is lighter, maybe frequent nozzle flush causes the ink dilute and you need to replenish the ink or change the ink cartridge.



Why are the original consumables in accordance with laws and regulations so that they can be used at ease, such as laws of the production and use of chemicals, REACH, ROHS and so on?


1)The source of the original consumables is traceable. Because the main components of ink, including butanone and acetone, belong to precursor chemicals, which need to be regulated.

The purchase of raw materials of original consumables must be put on record in state institutions (such as police station). However, the alternative consumables cannot be put on record for various reasons, which cannot be produced and sold according to the law.

2)All components of the original consumables (ink, solvent and top-up) conform to the regulations of REACH and ROHS of Europe Union, ensuring that the final ink dots conform to the regulations, too.


Question: the harm of the use of alternative filter


1. It cannot better achieve the filtering effect with special requirements;

2. If the quality of the filter material is not up to standard, it is possible that the ink will have chemical reactions with the filter, with the result that the new substance pollutes ink. In addition, it may cause the unstability of the equipment, so that it cannot guarantee the performance of the final ink dots and its environmental-friendly quality.


Question: how to use the pigment correctly?


1.Ensure that the ink box is shaken to an extent that its bottom has no deposit before the pigment is added to the machine;

2.If the process of shaking ink box is not complete, and you add the pigment to the machine, it will reduce the adhesive force of the ink and lighten the color of ink.

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