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T1 Smart Handheld Printing

Portable ,excellent function
With ergonomic design,portable and easy-to-use hand-held printing equipment.Applicable to the production-oriented enterprises that do not require high production speed or that require logos on heavy objects.

Smart design

Ergonomic design,reasonable equipment center of gravity,suitable for long operation.

Engineering plastic shell,body more light.

       WYSIWYG,easy to learn.
       Touch screen interface that is easy to operate.

Powerful Features
       Edit and change printing content directly to save time and increase production.
       Unique pulley design,can be flexibly printed on different shapes of the surface.

Close to the perfect ink
       Ink cartridges and ink full of closed, easy to replace the cartridge.
       No volatile solvents, environmentally friendly ink.
       A variety of ink types, to adapt to the need for material needs of the jet printing.

Unique nozzle
       Multi-protection nozzle, not easy to scratch injury.
       Anti-blocking design, not easy to plug, reduce the extrusion of ink.

Printing Performance                                                                           Ink colors
       1-4 lines                                                                                                  Black,white,red,blue,yellow,green invisible

Max. resolution of 600X600dpi

                                                                                                                Extra memory                               

Character Height                                                                                  USB/wi-fi/RS232/Bluetooth 4.0

1~12.7mm, depending on the font

                                                                                                                Printing direction

Nozzle orifice                                                                                        360? all-round printing

Thermal inkjet 2.5

                                                                                                               Temperature/Humidity range

Printing Distance                                                                                 -10°-- +45°C; 10%-85%RH

Best:2.5mm                                                                                             Power


Inkjet character

English,numbers, symbols,QR code,barcode,                                      Net weight

pictures,dates,counter and variable.                                                    820g (excluding ink cartridge)

                                                                                                                       220X114X 130mm

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