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L301 Automatic Card Labeling Machine

Robust performance, simple design, easy to use
Applicable to all kinds of card products,achieving the integration of dividing cards,automatic labeling,and automatic card collection.It divides the cards smoothly without a scratch on the surface.Cooperate with inkjet printer to realize labeling and coding and lower costs.

Easy Operation System
       Convenient operation system,easy to use.
       One-key start,no complex manual operation.

English and Chinese interface.

Outstanding Stability
       Flexible card dividing technology without a scratch.
       Using spare parts of international famous brand.
       Stable paging system ensures product conveying.

Fixed-point Labeling,Accurate and Stable
       With automatic conveyer belt system.
       Work independently,satisfying plane labeling.
       Applicable to many feeding modes.

Application and Optional Equipment
       Such as scratching cards,PE bags,flattened boxes, paper bags,magazine covers and so on.
       Cooperate with inkjet printer to realize automatic production.

Labeling Accuracy                                                                                      Power Supply

±1mm                                                                                                           220V/50Hz


Labeling Speed(Related to Products)                                                      Power 

40~150pcs/min                                                                                           Transmission Frequency Stepping+Traction:780W

                                                                                                                     Transmission Frequency+Servo Step:1170W

Applicable Dimensions
       L:60~280mm                                                                                                Machine Size(LXWXH)
       W:40mm~200mm                                                                                        2289X736X1400mm



Applicable Label Size                                                                                  180KG

W:6mm~160mm(backing paper width)                                                    Optional        

                                                                                                                     Bar code printer,Ribbon printer,Label sensor for transparent labels,

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