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Intergrated ,communicative, excelletnt stability
The new technology,innovative printhead,simpler operations,higher uptime, higher production efficiency to satisfy the needs of various environment. The CIJ equipment suitable for production-oriented companies. Choice of manufacturing-type enterprises.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use operation system, short training needed.

Integrate with factory systems using many protocols.

Automatic viscosity control, guaranteeing stable work condition.

Excellent stability

Integrated ink core, up to 6000 hour core life.

Auto cleaning printhead for fast start-ups even after extended shutdowns.

Integrated ink control system to meet various work environments and exquisite font print.

Unique design

IP65 dustproof industrial design.

Ultra-quiet operation reduces noise pollution in the workplace.

It absorbs ink automatically when first ink filling.

Intelligent cartridge

Efficient use and cost saving.

Intelligent ink/solvent cartridge system, when inserting wrongly, the alarm will turn on automatically.

Excellent tightness prevents ink system from being polluted.

Economic and environmental consumables

Plug and play, simple and convenient, no spillage.

Excellent printing performance satisfies different products.

Environmental, fast drying, high adhesion. The compatibility test between ink/solvent and the machine hardware shows that it effectively prevents premature degradation of hardware.

The new nozzle innovation

30° slanted printhead naturally fits in your line.

Injection moulding avoids ink bleed.

Integrated design to simplify replacement of parts and recover rapidly from downtime.

Printing Performance                                                                                                    Nozzle

1-3 lines(7X5matrix)                                                                                                    60 microns

1-4 lines(5X5matrix)

Maximum speed=450m/min@5X5                                                                                 Umbilical length

                                                                                                                                          Super soft, length 3m

Font matrix

5X5,7X5,9x7,12X9,16X11,19X14,24X17,32X22                                                                  Printing direction 

                                                                                                                                           360?  all-round printing

Character Height

1-15mm,depending on the font                                                                                     Cartridge volume

                                                                                                                                           Ink (500ml)

Printing Distance                                                                                                             Make-up (750ml)

2mm to 30 mm

Best : 10mm                                                                                                                       Temperature/Humidity range

Inkjet character                                                                                                                 0-45℃

English, Arabic numbers, bar code, serial number, automatic date,                              0-95% relative humidity,non-condensing

 use-defined characters, special logo,2D  bar code(Data Matrix ,QR Code)


I/O connection                                                                                                                  AC100-240V  50/60Hz

Ethernet,USB,R485                                                                                                             60VA

Memory space                                                                                                                   Net weight 

1000 messages                                                                                                                   17KG

Industrial protection                                                                                                        Dimension

IP65                                                                                                                                     350X302X492mm

Application: food, medicine, alcohol, daily chemicals, auto parts, pipes, building materials, household tissue, chemicals, tobacco

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