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Safety, stable, low- cost

For food industry, the environment of manufacturing shop is diversified. It may be high-temperature,or low-temperature, or humid, or dusty, or too low or too high PH value. Also it requires high-quality, clear and stable markings on the surface of different package materials. So the printer should be not only low-cost, durable but also low-maintance rate, high printing speed , good quality,and easy to operate and maintain.

LEADTECH printer is stable, durable and clean, with its print character not easy to remove, which can satisfy demand of food industry for usage.

Printing material: paper, plastic, tinplate, aluminum etc.

Printing information:  date of manufacturing, expiration date, qualification etc.

Common printing character:  5x5 dot matrix, 7x5 dot matrix, 9x7 dot matrix

Common ink color:  black, red, blue, yellow

Recommending model: LT760, LT2000,Laser

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