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Durability & safety

The spare parts of printing for cars usllaly request the logo can not be removed and no easy to influence by environment.Besides , as the quantities of spare parts are huge and the materials is various, it need to ensure the solutions can use suitable technical match to meet  your requirement. Another benefit is traceable. If there is any defeat, it can be recognized according to abvoe defeat products.The trademark is consists of QR code, number &label,picture and logo.If  there is any defeated products ,the manufacturer can call back and change according to the information of spare parts.

The components, circuit boards, transistors and parts in electronic industry are exquisite and tiny, which require fonts, serial number, batch number or other information.

LEAD TECH printer can print clear text with combination of numbers and letters, logos, 2D barcodes, manufacturing shop, production date, batch number, and etc. So users can recognize and check it conveniently.

Printing material: ABS, steel material, rubber, aluminum, ,glass,plastic,etc.

Printing information: the manufacturer, part number, specification, serial number, special image, etc.

Common printing character: 5x5 dot matrix, 5x7 dot matrix, 9x7 dot matrix

Common ink color: white, black, red, blue, yellow

Recommending model: LT720, LT760, Laser

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