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Cables and tubing

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The manufacturing shops of pipe industry are usually dusty and high-temperature. And there are many types of pipes with different materials. It requires clear, stable and clean print, and the print should not be easily removed and polluted. For inkjet printer, it should be stable in a dusty and high-temperature environment.

For the industry of building material, most production environments are bad, with dust and extreme temperature. So it has strict requirements for being dustproof and shockproof.

Marking on wire and cable with accurate labeled length is a basic requirement for this industry. Plus it should be high-speed, stable, with ink transfer resistance.

LEAD TECH inkjet printer with synchronizer (encoder), counter and special ink can meet your needs pretty well. It has accurate meter-calculating function and clear markings, ensuring the surface clean. Also the ink is resistant to transfer and fade.

Printing material:P-R, PE, PVC, pipe, profile, sheet, gypsum board, metal tube, plastic, woven bag, glass, etc.

Printing information: the manufacturer, LOGO, specification, date of manufacturing, etc.

Common printing character: 5x5, 5x7, 9x7

Common ink color: white, black,red,blue,yellow

Recommending model: LT720,LT760, Laser

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