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Precise coding&traceable

The packaging of the product  plays a decisive role in the sales. The smoother and more beautiful the packaging design, the higher the form and requirement for tracking the trace logo, existing user information, and production information. The packaging designer converts this potential consumer attraction into an innovative packaging design.

The application in chemical industry is mainly to print batch number, date of manufacturing, expiration date, product name, etc. on the package of fertilizer, chemicals and plastics. The production environment is usually dusty or has a peculiar smell.

The requirements for the production environment are very strict, which is full of dust and requires extremely fast package line. Plus it has high standards for print quality.

The competition of paper industry is fierce, because it is closely related to consumers and has higher requirements for itself. How to differentiate the business to reflect brand value becomes more important of business operations.

Most of the plant protection industry is a highly corrosive production environment. It puts forward a requirement for the corrosion resistance of the printing code equipment. At the same time, it requires clear coding of packaging materials of different materials, which is not easy to fall off, traceability, and one object.

Printing machines of Leadtech series , It can create a perfect logo for packaging, integrated with products packaging, enhance the beauty of the entire packaging design, marking equipment can be freely programmed, suitable for foil, plastic bags or uneven packaging and other products, and low cost, for the production line to reduce this efficiency.

Printing material: paper, plastic, woven bags,plastic,etc.

Printing information: date of manufacturing, batch number, expiration date, etc.

Common printing character: 5x5, 5x7, 9x

Common ink color: black

Recommending model:  LT760 , Laser printer

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