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Medicine and cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

The package material for products in daily-use chemical industry is very different. It should be printed with date of manufacturing, expiration date, serial number or batch number with anti-counterfeit function. At the same time it should be anti-humidity, anti-alcohol and anti-friction.

The LEADTECH seriesprinting machine prints a perfect logo from any angle on the packaging of medicines and cosmetics, and can also print very small and  clear characters on tablets, sugar tablets, capsules or overpacks; Spraying on plastic tubes, metals and various bottled surfaces, the effect is clear and neat, professional and flexible logo solutions can protect the independent brand, ensure the traceability of the entire  production chain.

Printing material: glass, PVC, PC, plastic, paper,etc.

Printing information: Logo, batch number, date of manufacturing, model number etc.

Common printing character: 5x5 , 5x7, 9x7

Common ink color: black, red, blue, yellow

Recommending model: LT760 , LT2000, Laser

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