Less Judgment + More Curiosity

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Less Judgment + More Curiosity

This image is from one of my favorite bumper stickers!

Our mind is programmed to ‘judge’ to ‘assess’ without that function we would not have made it through the jungle. However  the mind is still judging as if anything confusing or unfamiliar is not safe, to the mind it senses our thought of fear as a real threat. At that moment the reptilian brain takes over and we are in a flight, fight, freeze or surrender mode. Our best rational thinking is unavailable, our best creative thinking is compromised.  We are continually seeking pleasure and avoiding perceived distress.  As  Harvell  Hendrix  describes in :Keeping the Love you Find, our instinctual question ” is it safe or dangerous?”.  If we are to interrupt the cycle of  reactivity and power struggle in relationship it is essential that we be able to interrupt the automatic interpretations of  perceived threat, hit pause, suspend judgment. Get grounded, take a breath. Creative thinking, more grounded thinking is likely to be available to you.

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