You can easily identify and release patterns that have blocked you in the past and create the relationships and life you love. You can choose to live passionately and at your best.  Working together we will create the blueprint
and steps to attain your life goals.


Life momentum coaching is about dealing with your life as it is today to make lasting positive changes. Whether you are trying to change careers, have a fabulous relationship, build wealth, need help getting motivated or not quite sure what you need to help make your life better, coaching can help!

What we do is start working on building your personal foundation, making small but powerful shifts that will help you jump-start your new life and sustain momentum. Once the foundation is in place, it’s a lot easier to fly.


Change is a central reality of life, but few embrace it, especially when the change is a difficult one such as a divorce or mid-life crisis.

A benefit of the coaching process is coming to know when to hold on, let go, take on, and move on. You will learn how the cycle of change works in order to navigate it consciously with as much grace as possible. You can take charge of your life regardless of your circumstances, age or situation.

As your coach I can help you hold on during these challenging times as well as support your effort to use the momentum inherent in these painful situations as a catapult forward and achieve your goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to reinvent yourself, tap into your purpose and focus on a fresh vision of a life you love.

We not only focus on results but on enjoying the process.


Get the breakthrough information you deserve to have a gratifying,’turned on’ relationship that works for you and your mate. Whether you’re considering a relationship commitment, have one that’s good and ready to go for great, or one that’s on rocky waters, you will benefit from working with me.

Couples will gain the ability to ‘steer’ in relationship. They will also learn how to ‘decode’ problems that arise, develop a sense of emotional mastery, become aware of insight and end up closer to each other on the other side of fights. With this foundational skill in place couples can count on more fun, passion, co-creativity, depth, and overall satisfaction with the relationship.


An enlivened coaching program that quickly and easily identifies and shifts blocks to help realize a ‘juicy’ life and manifest your vision for life. The support, stimulation and breakthroughs experienced in this context create the life momentum you’ve been yearning for. Live passionately, at your best. Experience the synergy of women supporting each other for turned on lives, relationships, and careers. Vibrant Woman Program available in groups and individual sessions.


Learn how to develop the skills to ‘steer’ in life and to cultivate the creativity and talents that are part of life with ADD.

Individuals and couples Coaching Sessions are available by phone or in person.  To set up an appointment Call 404.593.7370. or Contact me.