This is an enlivened Life coaching program that quickly and easily identifies belief systems and old habits that block having a truly gratifying life. You will be taught techniques that will quickly clear and retire unproductive, sabotaging habits and learn how to sustain momentum for change. Vibrant Women will give you new powerful, useful information about relationships, the ability to have emotional mastery, optimal health and success with your goals. Live passionately and at your best, experience the synergy of women conspiring to co-create lives they deserve and love.

Individual Vibrant Woman Coaching: Phone or In person  $75 per session.

Vibrant Woman Coaching: $75 per sessions for group sessions.

“Let Passion be your muse. Let her guide and teach you to trust instincts.” S.B.Breathnach

Meta-Recovery Life Coaching Program:

“Meta” means coming after or going beyond. Meta-Recovery emerges from the Twelve Steps and offers opportunity for further growth in recovery. Meta-Recovery is a process of balancing and synthesizing strengths and reclaiming qualities that contained vitality, but became misused in addiction. The goal of meta-recovery is to help you move to a place of expanded vision and spiritual connection, to be joyous and free and to live ‘the promises’. This coaching will also help you experience your full self expression within a context of balance and health along with the ability to live your life with positive impact and respect for being in the world.  Sessions available for groups and individuals.

Sustained Life Momentum for:

  • Optimal weight management
  • Sustained exercise program
  • Passionate relationships
  • Success in your life goals
  • Power aging and optimal health
  • Self expression and creativity

“Certain habits come more easily than others. It is easier to add a good habit to your life than eradicate a bad one. It is easier to say yes than say no. That’s why people who try to lose weight succeed better by adding exercise to their lives than by struggling to cut calories (i.e. deprive oneself). You may still want that occasional chocolate bar, and to go against that urge may feel too unnatural, too grim; but if the indulgence is tempered by counter indulgence (adding other treats) the sin (in archery sin means ‘off the mark’) is effectively cancelled out.”

From WOMAN, an intimate geography by Natalie Angier (pulitzer prize winner)